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How to type an umlaut in Microsoft Word: A simple guide

Inserting an umlaut in Microsoft Word may seem simple. But it has great significance for those who use languages with this accent mark. The Umlaut changes the meaning and pronunciation of the word in German, for example. It is therefore crucial, how to enter it correctly in Word.

One option is to use a key combination. Hold down the Alt key and type a number on the numeric keypad. For a small "a" with an umlaut (ä), press Alt + 0228. For a capital "Ä", press Alt + 0196. This allows you to enter umlauts quickly.

It is interesting to understand the historical use of the umlaut in the context of typography. The word "umlaut" comes from German linguistics and means "sound shift". This shift occurs when vowels are influenced by other vowels or consonants.

Method 1: Using the "Insert symbol" function in Microsoft Word

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open Word and place the cursor where you want the umlaut.
  2. Click on "Insert" in the top menu and then on "Symbol".
  3. You will find the required umlaut in the window that opens.
  4. Click on it to select it.
  5. Click on "Insert" at the bottom of the window.
  6. Close the window and you're done!

You can also use this function to insert other symbols!

Method 2: Using keyboard shortcuts

A keyboard shortcut is very handy for entering umlauts in Microsoft Word! Here are 3 simple steps:

  1. Press and hold "Ctrl" and "Shift".
  2. Press either the key for the colon (:) or for the inverted comma (").
  3. Enter the letter to which you want to add an umlaut.

Method 3: Using the drawing table tool

The Drawing table tool offers a method for entering an umlaut in Microsoft Word:

  1. Open the drawing table tool: Open Word and switch to the "Insert" tab. Click on "Symbol" and select "More symbols".
  2. Find the umlaut in the list of symbols and characters. Click on it to highlight it.
  3. Click on the "Insert" button to insert it into the document.


It's obvious: entering an umlaut in Word is a valuable skill. The Mastery of this skill improves the accuracy and aesthetics of written work - effortlessly!

Standard keyboard options do not have umlauts, but Word offers alternative methods. These include keyboard shortcuts and the "Insert symbol" function.

Additional tips for inserting umlauts in Microsoft Word

Use the 'Insert Symbols' function to easily find umlaut characters! Use keyboard shortcuts, 'Ctrl + : + a/e/i/o/u', and explore the libraries of special characters. Customised keyboard settings can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Tip: Familiarise yourself with the Unicode values of the umlauts. This will allow you to enter them by typing the hexadecimal code. This is particularly useful for non-standard keyboards or alternative text input methods.

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  1. Hi, nice article but how do you do that if the keyboard is different I have a laptop and can't find the umlauts. Could you explain that to me.