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Our History

When we, Kevin and Jérémie, founded novalutions, it was more than the start of a company - it was the start of a mission. We were united by the deep conviction that the right use of technology can not only transform organisations, but also improve the way we work and live.

Portrait of Jérémie Constant, co-founder of Novalutions.

Jérémie Constant

CEO & Co-Founder

Jérémie Constant is characterised by strategic leadership and extensive consulting experience, combined with a strong technical background in cloud solutions and MS365. As co-founder of novalutions, he brings his experience of leading development teams and implementing e-commerce projects to develop innovative, scalable digitalisation solutions. His passion for technological innovation and commitment to increasing efficiency make him a driving factor behind novalutions' success.

Kevin Black

CEO & Co-Founder

Kevin Schwarz has excellent leadership skills and deep experience in quality control and the development of low-code websites and e-commerce solutions. As co-founder of novalutions, he focuses on increasing productivity and employee satisfaction through interdisciplinary team leadership and the implementation of business intelligence and CRM solutions. Kevin's technical expertise and dedication to the highest quality standards drive novalutions' vision of providing efficient and transparent digitalisation solutions.

Kevin Schwarz is sitting on a staircase.
Picture of Cologne Cathedral and the Rhine Bridge

novalutions UG (limited liability)

In 2024, Jérémie Constant and Kevin Schwarz founded the novalutions in Cologne, born out of the conviction that technology, if used correctly, can not only transform companies, but also make them fit for the future. Their shared vision was to offer customised digital solutions that are specifically tailored to the individual needs and challenges of each company, with a particular focus on the potential of low-code applications and artificial intelligence. novalutions is not just about technology; it is about building a bridge between today's requirements and future possibilities, with people and their needs always at the centre.
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Full transparency

At novalutions we rely on Full transparency at every step of our work. We understand that Trust is the basis of every business relationship is. Therefore, you will receive regular, detailed insights into our strategies and progress. We will explain to you what measures we are taking, why we are taking them and how they affect your business. Our goal is that you can always safe and informed feel.

Customised solutions

We believe that every company is unique and therefore requires an individual strategy. novalutions specialises in creating customised solutionswhich exactly customised to your needs and goals are. Through a combination of industry knowledge, a pinch of Artificial intelligence and more creative Innovation we develop strategies that help you to stand out from the competition and achieve your goals.

Best quality

novalutions stands for the best Quality in every aspect of our services and we give it our all. From the initial analysis to the implementation of the strategy, we attach great importance to Precision and excellence. Our experts are constantly striving to educate themselves and stay on top of the latest technology and best practices to provide you with services that are not only meet today's standards, but exceed them.

Long-term customer relationship

Our goal at novalutions is not only to achieve short-term success, but also to Long-term partnerships build your business. We invest time and resources to understand your business goals and, based on that Continuous support and counselling to offer. Long-term customer relationships are based on Results, trust and mutual respectand that is exactly what we strive for in every collaboration.