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KI Consultancy in Cologne

Increase You Your Efficiency with AI solutions from novalutions in Cologne.

Entdecken Sie, wie Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) Ihre Geschäftsprozesse optimieren und Ihre Effizienz steigern kann. novalutions bietet Ihnen Low-Code-Anwendungen und künstlicher Intelligenz optimieren wir Ihre Unternehmensabläufe, steigern die Effizienz und sichern Ihnen einen nachhaltigen Wettbewerbsvorteil.

Why use AI consulting

KI Consulting - Services

The are oursservices

Simple and understandable

Introduction to artificial intelligence

We offer easy-to-understand explanations of the basics of artificial intelligence to help you build a solid understanding. AI is a complex technology that is often difficult to understand. A solid foundation of knowledge is essential for the successful use of AI in your organisation. You will gain a clear understanding of the basics of AI, enabling you to make informed decisions and better integrate the technology into your processes.

On the pulse of time

Understanding and applying generative AI

We explain how generative AI works and how you can utilise this technology in your company. Generative AI offers innovative opportunities to improve business processes and open up new business areas. You will learn how you can use generative AI in a targeted manner to develop creative and efficient solutions for your challenges.

Customised and efficient

Creation of own GPTs and assistants

We help you create your own AI-powered chatbots and assistants and integrate them into your existing systems. Your own GPTs and assistants can improve your customer interactions and automate internal processes. You benefit from customised AI solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs and significantly increase your efficiency.

Best Practices

Practical use cases

Competent and comprehensive

Education and training

We offer comprehensive training programmes for your team to make optimum use of AI technologies. Only well-trained employees can utilise the full potential of AI technologies and integrate them effectively into everyday business life. Your team will be empowered to use AI technologies effectively, leading to greater efficiency and better utilisation of the new tools.

Long-term and reliable

Continuous support and maintenance

We offer long-term support and regular optimisation of your AI models. AI systems require continuous maintenance and customisation in order to always function optimally and adapt to new requirements. You can be sure that your AI solutions are always up to date and working optimally, ensuring long-term efficiency and competitive advantage.

AI consulting in Cologne - Our customers

The say ours Customers

Jan RoloffMaster carpenter

"Simply superb. We are more than satisfied with the work. We've been looking for someone to help us with some digitalisation issues and create individual solutions for us for a long time.
Unfortunately, we often only found overpriced companies that wanted to introduce their system to us for a lot of money, neither customised nor useful for us.
Novalutions is completely different. I spoke to Jérémie 1-2 times and showed him our existing structures, processes and problems. After a few days, I was presented with various solutions and a suitable offer. Everything was then quickly implemented, and the processes were even optimised and improved during the process. We then received a briefing and were able to get started. There were still 1-2 minor teething troubles, but even then the implementation was good and fast. We wrote down what we noticed during use and things were quickly rectified at no extra cost.

In short, expectations more than exceeded with fast realisation, fair prices and everything online.
We look forward to further projects with you."

Christian TheileManaging Director

"Our experience with novalutions was consistently positive. Their professional approach, coupled with their ability to provide innovative solutions that were tailored to our needs, impressed us. Of particular note is the transparent and honest communication novalutions displayed throughout the entire consultation process. Their patience and flexibility in dealing with our questions and concerns made the collaboration particularly valuable for us.

We value novalutions as a competent and trustworthy partner and recommend them to any company that wants to improve its digital presence. Their expertise and customer-oriented approach make novalutions the ideal partner for digitalisation projects."


Simply use AI models - your starter guide for Artificial intelligenceChatGPT. Efficiency gain.Successful prompting

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AI consulting in Cologne - Expertise

Why novalutions?star 2

Full transparency

At the digital agency Köln novalutions, we rely on Full transparency at every step of our work. We understand that Trust is the basis of every business relationship is. Therefore, you will receive regular, detailed insights into our strategies and progress. We will explain to you what measures we are taking, why we are taking them and how they affect your business. Our goal is that you can always safe and informed feel.

Long-term customer relationship

Our goal at novalutions is not only to achieve short-term success, but also to Long-term partnerships build your business. We invest time and resources to understand your business goals and, based on that Continuous support and counselling to offer. Long-term customer relationships are based on Results, trust and mutual respectand that is exactly what we strive for in every collaboration.

Best quality

novalutions stands for the best Quality in every aspect of our services and we give it our all. From the initial analysis to the implementation of the strategy, we attach great importance to Precision and excellence. Our experts are constantly striving to educate themselves and stay on top of the latest technology and best practices to provide you with services that are not only meet today's standards, but exceed them.

Customised solutions

We believe that every company is unique and therefore requires an individual strategy. novalutions specialises in creating customised solutionswhich exactly customised to your needs and goals are. Through a combination of industry knowledge, a pinch of Artificial intelligence and more creative Innovation we develop strategies that help you to stand out from the competition and achieve your goals.


KI Consultancy in Cologne - Contact

Good Business relations begin in person.

Contact You us with pleasure via Mail or Telephone and we agree one personal Date.

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Portrait of Kevin Schwarz, co-founder of novalutions.