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Free Zapier alternative 2024: This tool is free and better!

In the world of automation tools, Zapier is undoubtedly at the forefront. With its wide range of integrations and automation options, Zapier has established itself as the industry leader. But what if there was an alternative that was not only free, but also better? That's exactly what n8n offers, an automation tool that we're going to talk about today.

The most important things at a glance:
- n8n can be hosted on your own servers free of charge, without usage limits
- n8n has a strong focus on the integration of AI and AI agents
- n8n has many predefined templates, which are constantly being developed further

Important note: The fact that n8n is "better" than Zapier is the subjective opinion of the author.

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Zapier too expensive now? Or would you rather host it yourself?

The cost of using Zapier can quickly add up, especially for companies with high automation needs. Also, Zapier is a cloud service and not open source, which means you are dependent on a provider that owns both the data and the automation.

Free Zapier alternative n8n - Three advantages!

n8n is a workflow automation tool similar to Zapier, Make or Power Automate, which is free in the Community Edition that you host yourself. There are no restrictions on the use or complexity of the workflows, so you won't hit a brick wall when scaling your automations.

n8n can be accessed via Docker on our own hardware, we use a VPS from Netcup and are more than satisfied with the performance.

For us, n8n has the following 3 advantages:

  1. It is free of charge in the Community Edition
  2. In our opinion, n8n has the best integration of AI, LLM and AI agents
  3. n8n offers "custom code" nodes for the integration of Javascript and Python

3 use cases for n8n - sales, productivity, IT security

Sales: Automated lead management

Use case: Automate the capture and qualification of leads from various sources (such as web forms, email, social media) and forward them to the right sales team or sales representative.

Advantage: Speed up the lead management process, reduce manual labour and improve the response times of the sales team.

Productivity: prioritisation and timeboxing of tasks

Use case: Creating a workflow in n8n that collects tasks from various sources (e.g. emails, notes apps, project management tools) and prioritises and prioritises them. The workflow can also automatically schedule appointments in the calendar, using timeboxing techniques to ensure that enough time is reserved for each task.

Advantage: Improve time management skills through efficient planning and prioritisation, leading to increased productivity and stress reduction.

IT security: automated backups and cloud storage

Use case: Implementation of an n8n workflow that automatically performs backups of critical systems and data. These backups are then encrypted and transferred to secure cloud storage at set times. Additional notifications can be sent to the IT team to communicate the status of the backups.

Advantage: Ensures data security through regular and automated backups. Reduces the risk of data loss and facilitates recovery in the event of a system failure.

novalutions - Agency for n8n, Zapier and Power Automate

If you need help setting up n8n or creating workflows, we will be happy to support you.

We have the right tool for (almost) every application and invite you to a no-obligation initial consultation.

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