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Use SharePoint intranet contact directory

Save time when searching for contact data

A contact directory or telephone list in the SharePoint intranet offers the advantage that telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and responsibilities can be found quickly.

Use cases for a contact directory

A centralised overview of employee data offers great added value, particularly in the following use cases:

  • For reception staff
  • For teams that are spread across several locations
  • For production, industry & trade fair construction
  • For the field service

For example, reception can immediately find the right contact person for a specific topic in the list or an engineer in the office can directly find the right contact person in production to then call, email or contact them in the team.

Examples of a contact directory in the SharePoint intranet

List of a SharePoint intranet contact directory

For a contact directory, we recommend a combination of search and filter options that are customised to the needs of the company.

Profile page of a SharePoint intranet contact directory

An individual profile page contains further information about the person.
Users of the SharePoint intranet can manage and add to their profiles independently.

The following functions are included in the example:

Contact search

Allows you to search for contacts using all the information contained in the profile.
You can search by name, department or extension and the corresponding contact will be displayed.

Filter by company, division, departments

All employees of a selected department are included in the list.

Sorting function

Enables alphabetical sorting or sorting by extension number

Solutions for a SharePoint contact directory

novalutions offers a customised solution as SharePoint SPFx, which can be used both in the SharePoint intranet and in Microsoft Teams.

SharePoint intranet contact directory - A summary

A contact directory in your own SharePoint intranet is an important tool to enable efficient communication within the company. We recommend implementing a customised solution to make the right information quickly accessible for your needs.

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