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Microsoft Power Apps costs in 2024 - How to save licence fees!

Introduction to Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a platform that enables companies to create customised applications without programming knowledge. With Power Apps, companies can automate their processes and increase their efficiency.

Costs for Power Apps

The cost of using Power Apps depends on the plan you choose. There are various plans that offer different functions and prices.

The most important differences: There are Power Apps Standard and Power Apps Premium Licences

Power Apps Plan Overview

Since 2024, anyone wishing to use the premium functions of Power Apps must purchase a premium plan for €18.70 per user (as of May 2024).
In return unlimited Power Apps can be created and used for a user.

If you don't necessarily need the premium functions, a Microsoft Business Basic licence is a good choice!

Microsoft 365 Business Basic licence

An alternative to the individual Power Apps plans is the Microsoft 365 Business Basic licence. This licence includes not only Power Apps, but also other useful tools such as Outlook, Word, Excel and Teams.

A Business Basic licence is already available for €5.60 per user per month (as of May 2024).

You only have to do without the premium functions of Power Apps with the Microsoft 365 Business Basic licence.

Power Apps Premium functions

The following functions are not available with the Premium licence:

  • Use of Common Data Service (Dataverse)
  • Access to SQL Server-based data
  • Connection to various Dynamics 365 modules such as Sales, Customer Service etc
  • Premium connectors such as
    • Salesforce
    • Hubspot
    • SAP
  • Premium elements such as
    • Address entry with validation
    • GPS map with Spatial Services

Power Apps standard functions

As a rule, it is easy to work around these restrictions.
The following functions are included in the standard licence:

  • Use of Power Automate Workflows
    • Incl. HTTP connector
    • Excl. premium connectors
  • SharePoint lists as a data source

Power Apps prices - A conclusion

As you can see, there are big differences in the pricing of Power Apps licences and plans.

We recommend checking carefully whether premium functions are required and then switching to the standard plan if necessary. You can save a lot of money here, especially if you have a lot of employees.

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"Power Apps Premium is really something - but you can also build really good apps with the Standard plan!"
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