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Office Scripts Training

Automate Excel processes with Office Scripts

Learn how to migrate from existing Excel macros to Office Scripts or how to create new Office Scripts from scratch. simple and understandable.

Office Scripts Training
We offer training courses at your company or digitally.

Customised Office Scripts training

Office scripts are the successors to Excel macros and offer the possibility of automating processes and procedures in Excel and other Office files.

Whether you want to convert existing Excel macros into Office scripts or are completely new to creating Office scripts - our training courses are suitable for beginners and slightly advanced users.

We will introduce you to the topic step by step, explain what Office Scripts are and show you examples of how it can help your business. Whether you want to develop automated reports or automate internal workflows, we make it easy to get started.

  • Introduction to Office Scripts: Step-by-step instructions and basics for newcomers to automation.
  • Practical use cases: Examples of how Office Scripts can be used in internal processes and for business optimisation.
  • Integration in Power Automate: Explore the possibilities of Power Automate to automatically execute scripts and enrich them with data.

Start automating your processes now - contact us for a non-binding quote.

Portrait of Jérémie Constant, co-founder of Novalutions.
Your lecturer and counsellor - Jérémie Constant
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Hi, I am Jérémie. Yours Lecturer and Consultant

Since 2018 advise I The company and develop individual and simple Solutions for complex Problems. Not each Problem must with complex and expensive Programmes solved become, also large The company set today still on Excel macros and Office scripts. Sounds interesting? Then report You itself now for ours Office Scripts Training on and secure You itself Your Place.

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